Walmart Money Card – Just Like a Debit Card

If you are like most of us a regular shopper at Walmart then by now you already know that you can find almost everything you and your family will ever need in the aisles of their stores.

One thing that most people do not know however is that they offer a Walmart Money card that is in essence a prepaid debit card. Unlike a Walmart gift card, this card can be used anywhere that accepts a debit card.

WalmartMoneyCardThe Walmart money card is the perfect solution for those who have had financial problems in the past and cannot get a debit card issued in the traditional manner from their bank. It can also be sent to your son or daughter in college so that they can buy the things they need. These cards are fully reloadable quite easily by direct deposit from your bank account, going into your local Walmart and paying by cash or check so that you always have a ready to use debit card when you need it.

You can use your Walmart money card in any store or business that accepts Visa who the company is issuing the card. You can use it online to pay bills like your utilities, your mail order merchandise or at the local gas station to fill up your car. To check your balance you can use the phone number on the back of the card or go online to the website, you can also receive alerts via your cell phone when your balance is getting low.

In order to get a Walmart money card you will have to pay an issuance fee of around $9 that is a onetime fee. If possible and to save money you should set your new card up to have funds added to it by direct deposit as loading your card this way will not cost you any money. If you do not want to or cannot set up a direct deposit it will cost $5 every time you add funds to the card along with a $5 monthly service fee.

If you need to withdraw cash from your Walmart money card you can use an ATM but there are fees to pay, first you will have to pay the fees that the bank operating the ATM charges plus a $2 service fee from Walmart. If you need cash go into your local Walmart and get it there as there are no fees charged. This is the perfect solution to not being able to get a debit card any other way.

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