sears mastercard account

With the enhanced Account Online, you have even greater control over your Sears Master Card  account. Register now, it takes just a few minutes by filling out an application. You’ll be taking the first steps toward enjoying the benefits Sears Master Card offers. With over 25,000 financial institutions issuing its cards, this is a leader in the credit industry.

If you’re already registered, sign on at SearsCard website to take advantage of Account Online’s newest features. Account Home will show all of your credit cards and the information that’s most important to you. You’ll see a snapshot view of your current balance, minimum amount due, and your payment due date.

Any special offers available on your MasterCard are in an easy-to-find place. Account Activity features your current and past transactions in a simple and consolidated view. You can review and sort each transaction based on the date, amount and description. You’ll also be able to request PDFs of current and past statements.

The Payments section of Account Online has all the online banking features that you are used to. For example, making payments. You can choose the amount you want to pay, what account the payment will come from and the payment date. Plus you can do so much more, including scheduling future payments and adding bank accounts.

You can update any of your account profile in one easy place. In this section, you can change your User ID and Password, set card nicknames, create new security questions, add and remove cards from your account and change the status of your default card.

If you have some questions, get the answers when you need them through their Help & Contact section. Search their Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your general or card-specific questions or get phone numbers to contact them. Their customer service, technical and security specialists are ready to assist you.

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