Sears Gold MasterCard – It’s All about the Rewards

Many of us have at least 2 or more store credit cards and are finding that since they are only good in the store where they were issued they may not be as useful as we thought they were.

If you consolidate these cards into a Sears Gold MasterCard you will get an introductory low interest rate and a card that gives you extra benefits that you can actually use on a regular basis. The big thing to remember is that when you consolidate your other credit cards you should only do so if you are going to save money over the long run.

With a Sears Gold MasterCard you are automatically enrolled in the Sears Choice Rewards program. This unique program rewards you with points for every dollar you spend. Once you accumulate enough points you can use them to buy special vacation packages, airline tickets, cruises and of course Sears retail gift certificates. You start being able to reap these rewards after you have accumulated as few as 2,500 points.

Most of the better rewards from your Sears MasterCard start at the 5,000 point level where you can trade your points for gifts like a $40 gift certificate for the Olive Garden or Chili’s restaurants, a $50 gift certificate for Land’s End or a $40 gift certificate for Barnes and Nobel. Once you reach 10,000 points the prized get significantly better with a $120 gift certificate for Sears or Land’s End or $120 worth of Shell Fuel. If you want airline ticket you will need to save up at least 25,000 points for a round trip ticket and go up depending on the destination you have in mind.

However as with anything there are some restrictions on the Choice Rewards with your Sears Gold MasterCard. You are limited to being able to earn only 60,000 points per year and you will find that some of the points will expire if they are not used. You need to keep a close eye on your account online to see if you have any points that are getting ready to expire so that you do not end up losing them.

One final advantage with the Sears Gold MasterCard that many people like it the ability to return purchases made using the card without needing to have the original sales receipt and if you forget to bring your card with you Sears and Kmart will issue you a temporary shopping pass as long as you have a picture ID such as your driver’s license or state issued identification card so that you can still take care of your shopping needs.

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