Sears Choice Rewards

Sears Choice Rewards is an option for getting rewards whenever you use a Sears Mastercard to make purchases. Every dollar you spend with the Sears Mastercard will count towards a balance that can be used to receive flights, cruises, gift cards, merchandise and more.

One point will be added to your SearsChoice Rewards balance for every dollar you spend using your Sears Mastercard. By joining the Select Program for Select Members, you can double those earnings and collect two points for every dollar spent at several grocery and retail locations.

You can check your Reward balance quickly and easily using the Sears Choice Rewards website. This requires you to enrol as a member on the program’s website. You will be given a secure login and password.

You can also review what Rewards are available on the website. You can either browse through Rewards by category, or you can simply start searching through all Rewards available. Gift cards, clothing, electronics, trips and more will be listed here, all with the exact amount of Reward points required alongside. Expecting to do a lot of spending? No worries; there is no limit to how many points you can earn per year.

The more Reward points you have, the better the Reward you can redeem will be. The SearsChoice Rewards system doesn’t require you to collect hundreds of thousands of points before you can redeem them for something worthwhile; you can redeem your points and receive valuable merchandise, gift cards, etc. for as little 2,500 points. Some of the larger Rewards, such as round trip flights, start at 25,000 points. Larger rewards will require advance notice, as they often need to be organized or arranged ahead of time by the Sears staff. You can read the SearsChoice Rewards Program Terms and Conditions online.

You can visit the SearsChoice Rewards website regularly to see when you can redeem your points at a discount, so that you can receive more for your points. Redeemed merchandise will be shipped to you free of charge. All you will need to give to Sears is your address and zip code, and Sears will guide your rewards to you.

If you have any other questions about the Sears Choice Rewards program, the various rewards or how the rewards are redeemed, you can find information on the website that will allow you to contact a Sears Representative who will help you out.

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